Committee Members-
I’m Jim Fahnestock, Past President of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset.  I’m here to thank the Council for funding the Third Saturday Recycling program at Lahaina Cannery Mall, to report the year-to-date results of this program, and to request continued funding for fiscal year 2017.
Last year Council Member Elle Cochran and Council Chair Mike White recommended adding funds to the county budget to enable this monthly recycling program.  Without the Council’s support, there would have been no Third Saturday Recycling in West Maui.
The approved county funds were directed to Malama Maui Nui, a non-profit organization, to pay the costs of hauling recycling bins to and from the Cannery Mall.  The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset became a co-sponsor to develop and fund the marketing program and to provide volunteers for the events.
The monthly events began in July 2015.  After nine months, I’m pleased to report the following remarkable results of the Third Saturday Recycling program at Lahaina Cannery Mall…
  • 55,020 pounds of scrap metal
  • 499 major appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers
  • 1,271 electronic devices including televisions, computers, stereos and radios
  • 177 vehicle tires
  • 3,362 household and vehicle batteries
  • And 19,460 pounds of glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard
These results clearly demonstrate the strong community response.  An average of 150 West Maui residents have delivered recyclable materials to the four-hour events each month -- one drop-off every 96 seconds.  Often there is a line of vehicles at the registration point.
Without this program, these recyclables would have ended up in the county landfill or, as some residents have told us, in the county’s back roads.
The Third Saturday Recycling program is an excellent example of a partnership to meet community needs.  In addition to the previously mentioned partners, we’ve had the important support of 5A Rent-A-Space, the other West Maui Rotary clubs, and Lahaina Cannery Mall.
To continue the Third Saturday Recycling program next budget year, Malama Maui Nui has requested county funds under its Keep Maui Beautiful Program.  The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset urges the Council to support this request and provide the needed funds to Malama Maui Nui.
In closing, I would also like to offer the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset’s strong endorsement of the proposed West Maui Greenway.  We believe the proposed greenway will be a West Maui gem for both recreation and transportation.  We urge the Council to approve funds to begin development of the greenway.
Thank you.